Katie Jane Hughes Shares Her Secret Technique For Dewy Instagram Skin IRL

Faith Xue

If you've scrolled through Instagram at all in the past few days (ok, let's be real: hours), chances are high you've seen at least one shot of what we call "Instagram skin." You'd recognise it in a heartbeat: it's light-reflective and glistens from every angle, and the wearer's cheeks usually look akin to a glazed doughnut or dewy dumpling. Makeup artists like Katie Jane Hughes and Nam Vo have made it part of their signature artistry aesthetic, and all we can do is vigorously dab highlighter on our cheekbones to try and mimic their technique. But the thing about Instagram skin is that it's not just limited to your cheekbones. Something these makeup artists do is making their skin seem to glow from within, with dewiness emanating from every angle of their face. But try as we might to copy their glow (not least of which involves buying every product they recommend), most of the time we come up short. Thus, when Katie Jane Hughes herself stopped by the Byrdie offices today and shared a primer technique called "killing the edges" that she swears is the key to luminescent skin, we immediately took notes. Keep scrolling to find out the secret technique to getting dewy Instagram skin in real life!

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