How Celebrities Get Fuller Hair ASAP (and How You Can Too)

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You've probably pondered about how celebrities seem to always have such great hair while scrolling through Instagram or after seeing them on magazine covers. You've also probably attributed their stylish mane to a pricey professional who meticulously styles hair to the nines, and didn't give it much thought beyond that. Truth be told, these A-listers are just like us, and need a little help from help in the hair department when it comes to fullness. So how do they manage to have such lush locks at all times? It's one of those things we know is the secret, but don't often talk about: hair extensions.

Best tressed celebs from Beyoncé to Kylie Jenner use extensions to create the voluminous styles we lust for. Seriously—almost every female celebrity is wearing extensions at any given moment, and not just a few, we're talking above average amounts, like a full head in some cases. Celebrity Extension Specialist Priscilla Valles, whose regular clients include Chrissy Teigen and Christina Aguilera, says, "Believe it or not most clients use extensions for thickness over length." Extension Expert at Ramirez Tran Salon in Los Angeles Violet Teriti echos this notion saying, "I would say 70 per cent of females wear extensions these days. Most of them use extensions to create big volume."


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A very common misconception about faking fuller hair via extensions is that locks will be damaged beyond repair. Enlisting Teriti's preferred method of micro-beaded individuals will result in a gorgeous mane with zero harm to your natural hair. "The technique I use is invisible individuals. There is no glue, heat, keratin or tapes being melted during installation, so my clients prefer it." Each strand has a tiny copper bead which the hair is threaded through and the silicone interior of the bead cushions and protects the natural hair. "It is installed one by one, almost all over the client's hair, about 2 to 3 inches away from the hairline and half a millimetre away from the scalp. They are flat as paper and no one ever will notice them even if hair is worn in a slicked back ponytail."

Valles is also a fan of individuals. "I work with individuals and tapes. Individuals are my favourite method. You can pretty much build a wig on a head," she says. Getting single extensions like these may be the way to go if you need a more customised look. "You can also build a colour, adding highlights or low lights without colouring natural hair," Valles adds. Wearers of the individuals can expect them to last for a solid three months or more if you're careful—but also be ready for a 3 hour appointment at the salon for installation.

Other techniques are just as effective and might be right for you if you don't need a full head of hair or are looking for something even more temporary. "I have some clients in a full head for thickness and length or some clients just have a couple rows in for a little thickness," says Valles. "Tape ins are very quick and easy. Two pieces of extensions with your hair sandwiched in between. It's sort of like having clip ins that last up to 3 months. You can reuse the hair with tape ins up to 3 or 4 times and are easy to take care of."

The pros also give their advice to newbies looking for fake fuller hair with extensions. Teriti stresses the importance of quality hair and technique, "It's very important to have the right technique and good quality hair. I use hair imported straight from Russia. None of the hair is coloured or even toned." Valles says, "If someone is interested in getting extensions. My advice is to find someone who is a certified extensionist. From Great Lengths for individuals or Hair Lingerie for tape ins, ask for before and after photos." It's always important to consult with a professional before fully committing, but its safe to say that a embracing extensions is the fastest way to achieve fuller hair, whether you're a celeb or not.

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