This Unexpected Foundation Tip Will Give You the Dewiest Finish

Lindsey Metrus


Commit these three words to memory: Just add water.

We tell you to drink plenty of water for better skin, weight loss, and to detox your system, but according to Allure, adding water to your makeup routine will do you a world of good, too. 

Yes, you can add water to your eye shadow or powder pigments to nab a bit more product and intensify the colour payoff, but one product you may not have expected to mix with a little H2O is your foundation.

Rebecca Restrepo, a celebrity makeup artist who works with Mandy Moore, Emily Blunt, and America Ferrara, says swirling your liquid foundation with water right before you apply will help give it a dewier finish. "It adds moisture without any excess oil and makes the skin look even more radiant," she says. We recommend dabbing your newly hydrated formula on with our holy grail foundation applicator, a Beautyblender ($30) for an impossibly glowing finish. Couldn't be any easier, right?

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Have you ever tried this trick? Report back and let us know how it goes!

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