Ask the Expert: How Can I Fix Skin Redness and Rosacea?

by Tanya Akim

Red is a bold colour. Wearing a red dress has historically been viewed as loud or sexual. In China, red is auspicious and the colour for luck and ceremony. In L.A., bright red cars are magnets for speeding tickets. An investment banker once told me that when his girlfriends wore red, it made him think of markets in decline. It’s safe to say, red can be triggering in a lot of ways—but especially when it’s on your skin.

Fortunately, skin redness nowadays can almost always be cauterized or minimized with the help of careful skincare and in-office treatments like lasers. Unfortunately, the laser arena is vast, and requires a deep dive of investigation and reconnaissance work. Questions about brands, downtime, IPL vs. pulsed dye, and whether or not your face will look like it’s covered in Sriracha afterwards are common concerns. We turned to Dr. Jonathan Cabin of Beverly Hills’ Center for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery (and a regular at Kardashian-Jenner events) to set the record straight about what makes our skin red and how to get rid of it.

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