How to Fix Fizzy Hair: A Guide

Eliza Krpoyan


We all know the effects of muggy weather on our hair (North Queensland and Northern Territory, we hear you). From the moment you step outside, it’s like a wine subscription you didn’t know you signed up for until it shows up on your doorstep. We’re pretty sure we didn’t agree to this. Fortunately, taming frizzy hair may actually be easier than cancelling your monthly box of pinot (which, to be fair, we wouldn't want to do). Keep reading: There is a resolution for frizzy hair in moist climate.

For all of the other times when the weather is just fine, but your hair isn’t cooperating, it’s worth understanding what frizz is in the first place. “This is a question most people don’t really ask or know the answer to,” says Windle & Moodie’s co-founder Neil Moodie. “Frizz is generally caused by a raised cuticle layer. The hair looks dry and frizzy when the cuticle isn't lying flat. When the cuticle is flat, hair looks smoother.”

Also, people with naturally curly hair naturally have frizz, explains Neil. “Curly hair is drier than straight hair because the natural oils produced by our scalp can’t travel as easily down the hair shaft like on straight hair. Curly hair can also look frizzy if the hairs haven’t been bonded together to create a defined curl.”

So what’s a curly-haired, or humid weather–bound girl to do? Ahead, we asked experts like Drybar founder Alli Webb and hairstylist at Ramirez Tran Salon Erin McKay their tips for smoothing frizzy hair. Keep scrolling for Erin’s number one tip (spoiler: use leave-in conditioner. But did you know there’s a correct way to apply it?), and a cohesive guide on how to fix frizzy hair for real. Finally!

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