How to Fix Dry, Damaged Hair in a Week or Less

Hallie Gould


Dry hair is a constant problem in my life—I colour and heat-style my fine, curly hair more often than I should. I've noticed a hefty set of damage recently, though, and I decided to take action. First, my hair broke off. Then, I worked with a few talented experts to remedy the breakage. Now, my hair is much healthier than it was, but I'm still looking for tricks and tips on how to keep it that way (as well as continue to strengthen the strands each day).

I tapped a few more hair gurus (celebrity colorists and hairstylists I trust with the life of my mane), and I gave them each a deadline: to fix my dry hair in a week or less. Luckily, they each came through in spades. Keep reading for all the helpful (and fast-acting) knowledge you need to restore, hydrate, and keep your hair healthy.

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