How to Fix a Chipped Manicure Without Re-Doing the Whole Nail

Lindsey Metrus

We’ve all had that frustrating moment when a fresh manicure goes south after we've accidentally nicked the paint. For me, it takes around five minutes post-manicure to somehow mess it up. I’ve even managed to chip a gel manicure in under three hours. (Impressive, right?) And because I know I'm not alone (the groans of my friends and colleagues confirm this) I sought the advice of Skyy Hadley, celebrity manicurist and owner of As U Wish Nail Spa in New Jersey to figure out how to remedy the situation without having to entirely re-do the whole nail.

“Fixing a chip depends on the size and severity,” Hadley explains. “Something like a small chip on the tip of your nail is an easy fix.” The key, she says, is in filing down the length, touching up the colour as needed, and then re-sealing the nail with a long-lasting top coat. That being said, a bigger chip in the middle—or at the bottom—of your nail is a bit more tricky and requires more precision. Read below for Hadley’s step-by-step guide on how to fix a chipped manicure.

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