6 Natural Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster After a Bad Haircut

Jasmine Garnsworthy

Last Friday night, while you were out celebrating the weekend, I was precariously dangling my head and shoulders off the side of my bed, massaging coconut oil desperately into my scalp and re-reading a Reddit thread about natural ways to make your hair grow overnight.

You see, several days earlier I woke up and was struck by inspiration. Today, I decided, would be the day I cut my hair short for the first time since third grade. Armed with this photo of Miranda Kerr's recently-cropped locks, I spontaneously called a chic salon in Soho that came recommended and booked an appointment for that same afternoon. Buh-bye, hair.

To truly comprehend the gravity of this decision, you must understand that I've been mostly satisfied with exactly the same haircut for nearly 20 years. I don't have layers, bangs, or anything else one could reasonably call a "style" but have always loved my locks blunt, very lengthy, and naturally wavy. I've briefly considered short hair before, but never for more than a day or two, and always wake up the following morning thankful I didn't go through with the chop. So asking for a sharply-angled lob was truly out of character. 

Keep scrolling to see my transformation, and to learn how to grow your hair faster, longer, and stronger. 

Have you ever regretted getting a haircut? What did you do to remedy it? Tell us below!

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