Every Exfoliation Question You've Ever Had, Answered

Emily Algar

I just went two weeks completely makeup-free. Yes, that's right, not a scrap of mascara or foundation for a full 14 days. My experience taught me many things, but one was the importance of skincare. When my skin is clear, even, and smooth, I don't feel the need to wear makeup at all. Exfoliation is one aspect of skincare that is so paramount to the clarity of your complexion, but (in my opinion), it's also one of the most confusing. There's the chemical versus physical debate, the age-old question of AHA or BHA, not to mention frequency—how often is too often? 

To help, I enlisted the help of three top skin experts to break down exactly how and when to exfoliate, and what to do it with. The panel consists of author and skin researcher Desiree Stordahl, and two of Sydney's finest facialists—Melanie Grant and Jocelyn Petroni—so you know they're going to deliver some world class advice. So, without further adieu, keep scrolling for the answers to every exfoliation question you've ever had (and some ace recommendations to go with it). 

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