How to Get Perfectly Even Winged Liner, Once and for All

Katharine McEntee

Gary Pepper Girl

Applying liner can be frustrating to say the least. One wrong swipe, and it’s off with your eye makeup and back to the drawing board. Since applying eyeliner is an acquired skill (one that can take years to master), we reached out to a couple of makeup artists for their tried-and-true tips on how to do the winged liner look.

From tricks on how to find the perfect angle for your wing to the product that will stop your liner from smudging, these expert-recommended tips will have you mastering the winged liner look in days if not minutes. How do we know? Because we followed celebrity makeup artists Matin Maulawizada’s and Afton Williams’s instructions, and we were delighted with the outcome: the perfect everyday cat eye. For step-by-step instructions on how to apply winged liner from people who do it on the daily, keep on reading.

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