The 3-Minute Travel Hairstyles Our Editors Swear By

Planning for a holiday is so therapeutic. Once you’ve got the itinerary on lock, outfits curated and a tight edit of beauty products for your makeup bag, it’s time to think about hair styling. And while it can get overlooked, holiday hair can be a lot to think about. Luggage weight restrictions often mean that your normal styling tools will be left at home (bye-bye, trusty GHD), and the climate you’re headed to may throw some weather-related hair issues into the mix—the relaxed vibe of a tropical getaway quickly dissipates when you’re frustrated by frizz. Having a couple of simple but stylish go-to looks up your sleeve will save you time better spent on holiday activities.

So, we called in top Australian hairstylist Anthony Nader to trial some of the easiest travel hairstyles on the Byrdie Australia editors. These can all be pulled together in three minutes flat, are comfy enough to wear on the plane, and are chic enough for all of the holiday Instagrams.

Read on, take note, and get ready for your vacay.

The Half-Up Bun

Fashion credits: Nice Martin Halen shirt ($90), model’s own necklace.

The half-up bun is perfect if your hair falls flat after hours spent on a plane. The topknot disguises limpness, keeps most of your hair out of your face, and doesn’t need to be too perfect.

  1. Divide the top section of your hair at the temples using the end of a comb.
  2. Holding this section off hair upright, spray on top and underneath with dry shampoo or texturizing spray.
  3. Gently tease towards the roots for subtle volume.
  4. Secure with a hair Bungee grip. The two tiny hooks on each end of the elastic latch onto each other, and won’t move until you unlatch them.
  5. To avoid creating a lopsided topknot, split the ponytail in two. Wrap half of the hair around the base clockwise, pinning in place. Then wrap the remaining section around in the opposite direction.
  6. Secure as needed with ripple bobby pins.

The Updo Wrap

Fashion credits: 66 the Label Stevie scarf ($79), model’s own white tee.

Heading to somewhere hot and tropical? As soon as you land, you’re going to want to get all that hair off your neck. We love this romantic, too-easy updo and the fact that it calls for accessories.

  1. Prep your hair by misting evenly with a hydrating treatment, such as Coconut Water Weightless Hydration Oil ($18). This is a great opportunity to give your hair a little TLC as it will be tucked away all day.
  2. Section your hair into a top half and bottom half. Starting with the bottom half, take sections of hair and twist up into bun-like swirls, pinning in place. Work towards the crown of the head.
  3. Do the same for the top half of hair, leaving the ends of each swirl free and a few loose strands around the face.
  4. Place a silk scarf at the base of the neck and wrap around your hairline, tying in a big bow.

The Three-Minute Braid

Fashion credits: Acler Telford Top ($250).

A low, textured braid is necessary if you’re planning a more adventurous trip (it’ll fit snugly under a Vespa helmet, for a start), and it doesn’t have to be an overcomplicated process.

  1. Prep hair with a texturising spray if you’ve just washed it (pack a travel sized version of your favourite shampoo, trust us), to give the style better hold.
  2. Part your hair on the side with as much or as little volume as you like, and pull back into a low ponytail.
  3. Section the ponytail evenly into three and plait all the way down, securing at the end with a hair tie.
  4. Gently pull each section of the plait out, making it fatter and messier, starting at the base and continuing to the end.
  5. Finish with a mist of light hold hairspray.

Photography: Dave Wheeler. Hair: Anthony Nader of RAW. Makeup: Jessica Diez from oneninetynine management. Styling & Creative Direction: Crystal Andrews. Talent: Phoebe, Lara, and Nicole.

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