How to Cheat Your Way to Perfect, Flawless Skin



We have a little confession to make. There are some times when our very careful regimes get compromised—from a big night that ends with our faces not fully cleansed to a dangerous dalliance with over-exfoliation, we're just as guilty as the next person when it comes to keeping basic beauty rules. 

Unfortunately, our skin inevitably notices our lax attitude. It does not at all appreciate that your liquid of choice that night was Aperol and not micellar water. So sometimes, we have to fake it 'til we make it. Luckily for us, we know exactly how to smooth over our skin issues: our solution is the oft-forgotten art of colour correcting. No matter how late the night, no matter how flushed the skin, this trick can transform any dull, uneven (and unforgiving) visage issue with just a swipe of the right stuff.

Scroll down for our guide to colour correcting your way to perfection.


First, the rules:

- Apply your colour corrector first. The job of correctors is to make your skin more like a blank, beautiful canvas, ready for the application of your makeup, which means it always has to go on first. Also, don't forget you'll have to use your regular concealer over the corrected colour too. (Remember, you're a canvas!)

Don't go overboard. Starting with a little and carefully blending is always the safest bet. You shouldn't have to cake on your base in order to blend. 

- Blending is key. You don't want to end up with one thick dot of colour so use a beauty blender to even out the applied colour (dab rather than rub). Then, you can apply your makeup in the same way—again, dabbing rather than rubbing—until everything is seamlessly blended.

- Make sure you choose the right colour and tone. It's not just the colour but also the depth of colour that matters. If you have darker skin, opt for the deeper shade of the neutralising colour. If you've got lighter skin, choose one to match.



Maybelline Coverstick Concealer Corrector ($11)

Best for: pimples, blood vessels, veins

The colour green might seem like an odd choice for your face but the 'correcting' part of your new repertoire means that you match the opposite shade of your issue in order to bring it back to the middle.

Case in point: for any redness (and we mean any redness, from a pimple to rosacea to a pesky broken blood vessel and even sunburn), green is your go-to. Covering a pimple just with concealer sometimes seems fruitless when you're actually increasing the size of it with every additional application of concealer—a green base before adding your concealer means you won't have to cake it on. 


NYX Concealer Wand in Lavender ($12)

Best for: dull, yellowed skin

Eliminate areas of dullness where yellowed skin is an issue with a lavender shade of corrector. Those with olive tones especially will notice areas like this in the inner corners and under the eyes, as well as around the nostrils. Any part where sallow skin is an issue will benefit from a smidge of this before your base, effectively giving any dull skin a serious lift. Those with lighter skin can even use this shade as a highlighter along the cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose.


Nars Concealer in Pear ($36)

Best for: dark circles

Suffer from chronic dark circles? Yellow is your hero colour. If you're prone to a bluish, purple tone under the eyes, yellow will effectively neutralise it. Don't forget you'll need a concealer over the top—this little guy just acts as a way to bring you back to zero, while your concealer and base will take your face straight to hero. Hooray! 


Bobbi Brown Corrector in Dark Peach ($40)

Best for: hyper-pigmentation and dark spots

If you've got pigmentation that ers towards the blue/green end of the spectrum, this is the colour for you. If you're got fairer skin, a peach version, is perfect for imperfections like sun spots while those with darker skin will love the effect that red and orange tones have on dark circles. 

Have you tried colour correcting before? Tell us in the comments below!

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