How to Contour Even if You're Really, Really Pale

Faith Xue

We are currently at the height of the contouring movement (thanks, in large part, to a famous group of sisters with matching first-letter names). And we’re mostly glad—sure, the heavily shaded, highlighted look might not be for everyone, but at least it’s helped some of us learn to carve cheekbones and accentuate our jawlines. Key word? Some. For the paler set, contouring remains a somewhat scary concept. After all, no one wants to overdo it, and for pale girls, the chances of that happening are significantly higher.

But pale girls want cheekbones too. We heard your plea, and brought it to makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan, who has worked with everyone from Lucy Hale to Kate Bosworth. Keep scrolling to see the four contouring tips every pale girl should know, then shop our favourite pale-girl contouring products at the end!

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