Yes, You Need to Start Cleaning Your Flatiron Because It Changes Everything

Katharine McEntee

Urban Outfitters

You probably know the basic rules of using a straightener, like always spray a heat protectant before styling your hair, and don’t turn the heat higher than 200°C. And while you probably abide by these rules already, you are likely neglecting one very important yet rather tedious one: Clean your flatiron. To make sure we know how to do this properly, we reached out to Honey Artists celebrity hairstylist Daven Mayeda for his tips on how to clean a flatiron.

Considering the amount of heat protectant and styling product we use, it’s only natural that our flatirons will acquire some buildup. And as Mayeda explains, the cleaner the iron, the better the styling, and the better the styling, the better the overall outcome. To learn the proper technique for cleaning a flatiron, keep reading.

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