How to Eat Burgers, Pasta, and Pizza Without Gaining Weight

Hallie Gould

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Ah, pizza. The piping hot, cheesy deliciousness that tastes better than anything (and everything) else. But, unfortunately, nutritionists and common sense say it's not the healthiest of options (tell that to Bella Hadid). There is a trick, though, to have your pizza and keep your body toned, too. You see, you can pair your favourite cheat day foods with a healthier counterpart to aid in digestion, and ultimately, burn more fat.

Farah Fahad, a dietician and founder of The Farah Effect, explains: "The balance of your foods and what you're pairing them with will contribute to the overall caloric and nutrient density of your meal." For example, if you have digestion issues, try separating protein and carbs. For more on how to eat your favourite foods (in a healthier way), keep scrolling.

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