This Colour Will (Almost) Always Make You Feel More Attractive

Victoria Hoff


If it's hard to believe that there's a science to attraction, it's only because it often feels like an utter mystery IRL. On an individual level, that's probably true, at least to a certain extent—but that doesn't mean that we can't utilise the hard facts to tip the scales in our favour. Case in point: Scientists at the University of Zurich recently concluded that wearing a certain colour tends to make people feel more confident about the way they look, so pardon us while we swipe on some lipstick in that particular shade. (It's research.)

For the study (which was published in the European Journal of Social Psychology), participants were asked to put on blue and red shirts before looking in the mirror and rating their own attractiveness in a survey. As the scientists conducting the trial hypothesised, those wearing the red shirts reported higher ratings of attractiveness and sexual appeal. (It's worth noting that the study participants were unaware that their shirt colour had anything to do with the study.)

The psychological power of red isn't a new phenomenon—studies show that women who wear scarlet lipstick are perceived as more confident, and might even be considered more creative. A confidence (and career) boost in a tube? We can't argue with that.

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