6 Genius Hangover Cures From Around the World

Faith Xue

Urban Outfitters

A lot of things happen when we drink. Our inhibitions are lowered, our voices are raised, and inevitably, we may or may not wake up the next day with a dull, skull-crushing banging inside our heads, complete with bouts of crippling nausea—aka a hangover from our worst nightmares. If a particularly big night has you experiencing any of the above, chances are that you’re begging for an immediate solution.

We’ve already consulted an expert and our own team of editors for the best hangover-busting cures, but we forgot one key party: everyone else in the world. Drinking is an international pastime, and savvy individuals the world over have concocted their own remedies for dealing with the undesirable ramifications of partying too hard. Whether you’re simply curious to see how the rest of the world combats the dreaded hangover or have crazy weekend plans, keep scrolling for five surprising hangover cures from overseas.

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