How to Apply Primer: 6 Celebrity Makeup Artist–Approved Tips

Lindsey Metrus


Here's the thing: You either like primer or you don't. It's rare that someone would teeter between both ends of the spectrum. But if you don't fall within the primer positive camp, perhaps the reason is that you haven't looked into it extensively. For one, not all formulas are created equally, and, like foundation, slathering it on with your hands haphazardly won't do you any favours.

Think of makeup primer like paint primer: If you want smooth, even walls, taking care to create a flush, streak-inhibiting base is paramount. The same applies to makeup primer: Thoughtfully sourcing and applying a product can exponentially elevate your foundation's appearance. Take it from celebrity makeup artist Katelin Gan: "While people often think of primer as a step that is optional, that shouldn’t be the case. Skin prep is the most important part of any makeup application, and primer is like the finishing touch to your skincare routine before applying your makeup. It makes a huge difference in how your makeup looks and how long it lasts."

To get the 411 on how to apply primer like a pro, we enlisted the help of Gan and more celebrity makeup artists for their favourite formulas and how to apply them. Learn more below!

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