The Under-the-Radar Product Kendall Jenner's Makeup Artist Buys in Bulk

Lindsey Metrus

There are certain things we notice about celebrities on the red carpet, like their bronzey glow, perfectly coifed hair, and airbrushed makeup. Another noticeable feature that always catches our eyes? Their long, doe-like lashes that no tube of mascara could possible sculpt on its own (as much as we wish it could). Enter false lashes, which we feel confident saying just about every single celebrity wears.

Honey makeup artist Aidan Keogh recently confirmed this for us saying that he "always, always" applies false lashes on his clients (an amazing roster, which includes Kendall Jenner and Jasmine Sanders), but not the strip lashes you may be thinking—individual lashes. (Though he does occasionally cut strip lashes in half and discards the inner short end, tilting the outer end up to give a descended eye a "lift.") When I asked him which brand is his go-to, he laughed, saying he hits up a wig store in New York City called Kikko: "I love these lashes because they are European, natural hair, and they look super natural and featherlike, plus the actual individual sizes are perfect for every eye shape." They're also a mere $20 for 12 packages, though unless you're in the area, they're going to be hard to get your hands on. But even when Keogh's run out of his trusty lashes, he's found comfort in Ardell's tried-and-true individual lashes, which give a similar femme, wispy look.

What's your take on false lashes? Yea or nay? Please sound off below!

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