4 Celebrity Makeup Artists Tell Us How Exactly How to Apply Eye Shadow

Erin Jahns

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When it comes to a mesmerising makeup look, eye shadow often plays a quintessential role and also happens to be totally versatile—especially this season with richly saturated pigments, metallics, and gorgeously glossed eyelids taking over runways and red carpets.

However, knowing how to apply eye shadow can also be one of the more intimidating aspects of our makeup routine. While we have blush, highlighter, and lips down pat, one false step with our go-to brushes and palettes can quickly lead to powder-laden cheekbones or a muddled mess of colour up to our brow bones. 

Luckily, makeup artists and their celebrity clientele constantly dish up plenty of inspiration. So as a helpful how-to, we talked to four different celebrity makeup artists to get up close and personal with their favourite eye shadow looks. Plus, they even shared their must-have products. Keep reading to learn how to apply eye shadow exactly like a celebrity makeup artist. 

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