7 Concealer Secrets Makeup Artists Know (That You Don't)

Lindsey Metrus

We've all been there: fiercely applying concealer under our eyes and dabbing it onto our pimples with abandon, hoping that in addition to being a makeup product, it will also somehow, some way act as an eraser of sorts. Unfortunately, however, sometimes concealer can actually cause more issues (chalkiness, creasing, discoloration) that accentuate our problem areas rather than hide them.

To find out how to expertly apply concealer, giving off the vibe that we, in fact, have youthful-looking under-eyes and unblemished skin, we asked some top makeup artists for their tried-and-true tricks. Spoiler: Product choice is so important. Keep scrolling for their tips!

What's your go-to formula? Please share with us below!

Opening Image: Imaxtree

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