The One Non-Beauty Issue That's Secretly Sabotaging Your Skin



Do you follow all our beauty rules? (Don't worry, this isn't a test). Do you avidly test out new beauty trends, incorporate superfoods and eagerly follow the faces of our favourite models? We're so pleased! Full marks on the, erm, non-test.

The thing is, we've discovered an unfortunate catch on our journey to effortlessly flawless skin. And it's something that's beyond our control. It's a tricky customer called stress and in the same way it makes you feel frazzled, it can make you look frazzled too. We know this new discovery doesn't help heightened stress levels at all but education is the first step to be able to halt the negative effects of stress on your skin.  

Scroll down to see what really happens to your skin when you're stressed (and how to combat it).

First and foremost, stress has a way of bringing to the surface the dormant issues you may have thought you had a handle on. Ever notice how when you've got a big meeting or event coming up, your skin inevitably breaks out, making you infinitely more stressed as a result? It's no coincidence.

Raised cortisol levels that occur during stressful periods mean your oil glands start amping up production, leading to more breakouts. Additionally, stress dilates blood vessels, which isn't good news for anyone with rosacea. 

But that's not even the worst of it. Stress directs blood away from the digestive system, and that lack of balance in your gut can lead to dryness and dullness (eczema and dermatitis sufferers will notice a flare up). And what happens to chronically dehydrated skin? Wrinkles. 

And consider the fact that when you're tossing and turning, worrying about that work project hanging over your head, you're not allowing your body it's proper allocation of rest. So, to the paint the whole picture: you've got dull, dehydrated skin, bloodshot eyes and under eye circles, as well as any lingering skin issues like acne or rosacea making its way to the surface. Not pretty, is it?



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The solution? Stress less. Which is of course, easier said than done. Mediation is a great way of taking a bit of time for yourself, as is a wander in nature on your weekends or a long, restorative yoga session. It's additionally important during stressful period to eat right and sleep soundly—sometimes a bedtime Instagram ban, a spritz of calming lavender pillow mist and some deep breathing can be all it takes to get you off to a peaceful place.

And until you get back to that more relaxed place, take care of your skin incorporating products that are a little more nourishing. Your face will thank you for it. 

What do you do to combat stress? Tell us in the comments below!

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