The #1 Skin Issue for Every Decade of Your Life (and How to Fix It)

Dacy Knight

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There's an undeniable fascination with unlocking the secret to anti-ageing. But the truth is that ageing is a complex process that requires a multifaceted approach to resist it. We can all agree on some hard truths that can better your chances of ageing gracefully—wear sunscreen, don't smoke, wash your face—but beyond those universals the best strategy to save your skin gets a little more complicated. As we get older, different processes are at work that contribute to ageing. While a consistent beauty regimen that keeps skin clean and moisturised is key to healthy a healthy complexion and youthful skin, the exact ingredients needed varies from decade to decade as different processes are at work on a cellular level.

On a recent press trip, I visited the Olay labs in Cincinnati, Ohio where they develop the latest products to combat skin ageing. Dr. Frauke Neuser, Olay's principal scientist shared the company's findings from a vast study being conducted in collaboration with Harvard scientists and genetics company 23andMe. They Have spent years testing what ingredients work to fight a variety of skin issues. As she described which products she prescribes for each age group, Neuser explained what we can expect with ageing at the cellular level with every decade from our twenties and beyond.

Keep scrolling to discover the #1 skin issue for every decade of your life as well as Dr. Frauke Neuser's recommendations for how to fix it.

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