Surprise: Having More Sex With Your S.O. Won't Make You Happier

Hallie Gould

It's no surprise that we, as adults, often equate the happiness in our relationship with how much sex we're having. Sure, there are other factors too: communication, trust, honesty, love. But sex is always on the forefront because it's tangible and easier to quantifyLisa Cypers Kamen, a mental health counselor, asserts, "Bottom line, connection equals happiness. Sex with someone you love can reduce stress and strengthen the connection bond." That being said, sex doesn't always strengthen that bond.

Apparently, more sex doesn't necessarily equal happier relationships, and there's science to prove it. According to a study by researchers at the University of Toronto, long-established couples are happiest when they're having sex once a week, but they're not any happier when it's more than that. "For the average person, having sex more frequently than once a week was not associated with greater happiness, but it wasn't associated with less happiness either,” said Amy Muise, the Ph.D. fellow who led the research team.

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