How Long Does It Take Nail Polish to Dry? A Definitive Answer

Kaitlyn McLintock

There are a few truths I've come to recognise: I am powerless in the face of carbohydrates, I will never be a morning person, and I never wait long enough to let my nail polish dry. I wish I didn't love bread as much as I do, and it would be nice to wake up earlier without hitting the snooze button, but it's only the last one that bothers me. After all, painting your nails requires time and patience—two things I currently lack.

So, in an effort to prevent myself from smudging still-tacky polish, as well as avoid a number of other nail polish faux pas, I reached out to two experts—Cyndi Ramirez the founder of Chillhouse, a non-toxic salon in NYC, and Jessica Tong, Smith & Cult ambassador. They offered great advice on mastering the art of the manicure. Keep reading to hear what they had to say.

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