From Gwyneth to J.Law: 8 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Detox

Lindsey Metrus

We're no strangers to detox treatments—we've done everything from Bella Hadid's incredibly strict Dr. Passler cleanse to an Ayurvedic diet overhaul, to chugging cucumber and lemon water. All of these methods have a common goal: to cleanse our bodies of impurities and (hopefully) trim down a bit in the process.

When looking for detox inspiration, we often turn to celebrities. They're pros at getting tips from their nutritionists, wellness coaches, etc. (you know, the things we plebes don't always have easy access to), and hey, if it will make our skin glow like Hollywood's finest, we're willing to go to great lengths.

From infrared saunas to 48-hour cleanses, we searched for the tried-and-true detoxing treatments of some of the most beautiful women in the biz. Scroll down to learn more!

Do you have any favourite detoxing treatments? Tell us below!

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