How to Reboot Your Makeup Look According to Your Horoscope

Lisa Patulny

If you ask me—which I assume you do since you’re reading this post—the world is made up of two kinds of people; those who care about star signs, and those who don’t. As someone who often inquires about a person’s zodiac sign on first meeting them (to judge our friend compatibility, obvs), I’d place myself firmly in the former camp. (FYI, other deal-breakers include, “Do you listen to Serial?” and “How good are puppies?”)

I am so obsessed, that every January when everyone else is focused on setting New Year’s resolutions, I can be found instead cruising the Interwebs for any and all star sign forecasts. In short: I live for the stuff. I love to read all about my stars for the upcoming year—love, friendships, and career—but am always disappointed when nothing beauty-related shows up. Enter: this post. Designed to shake up your go-to makeup look, consider this a guide to your beauty stars.

Ahead, we’ve pulled together twelve distinctly different makeup ideas for each sign with each one tailored to your particular traits (taking even your birthstone and ruling element into account). Keep scrolling to find your sign!


Does your star sign inform your beauty look? Sound off in the comments below.


Opening image: Imaxtree

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