7 Wellness Commandments Fitness Gurus Want You to Know for the Holidays

Erin Jahns

Courtesy of P.E Nation

Lately, there's been this really great movement within the wellness and fitness space that puts less emphasis on restrictive and stressful habits like dieting and over-exercising, and more emphasis on mindful habits like unplugging from our phones, embracing activities like meditation and yoga, and having a quality-over-quantity approach to diet

However, with the holidays comes an inevitable deluge of diet talk—from how many calories our beloved slice of pumpkin or apple pie contains to exactly how many minutes we need to spend on the treadmill to work off that extra serving of stuffing. To which we say, Ugh.

Here at Byrdie, we're not under any preconceived notions that it's 100% possible to completely tune out all the disruptively distorted white noise and chatter, but we do believe in surrounding ourselves with positive messages and strategies to help ease our way through the holidays in one, happy and healthy piece (both mentally and physically).

Therefore, we were curious how some of social media's favourite fitness gurus handle the pressures of the holiday season. What are their best tips and tricks when it comes to their approach to wellness? The all-star lineup: Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning, co-founders of P.E Nation; Lindsay Jang, co-founder of Missbish; and Tully Humphrey, designer and co-founder of Tully Lou. Keep reading for the top seven wellness commandments fitness gurus swear by during the holidays.

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