Beginners Welcome: A HIIT Workout Plan for First-Timers

Dacy Knight

Urban Outfitters

We're often going on about the benefits of getting out of your workout comfort zone. While the idea sounds great on paper, it isn't always so easy in practice. Trying out a new class can be a bit daunting—you're exposing yourself and your body to something entirely new, not to mention just showing up can be quite intimidating. One particular workout that's gained something of a cult following but whose name alone is enough to make beginners wary is HIIT—or high-intensity interval training.

A week after my first HIIT workout, once I had finally caught my breath, we had Retrofit co-founder Rob McGillivray give us the low-down on everything a first-timer should know about HIIT. He patiently explained everything from how to best prepare for the class to what results you can expect to see moving forward. If you're interested in taking on your own HIIT workout plan, here's everything you should know before getting started.

Next up, find out why HIIT is the workout that gives the fastest results, according to science.

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