Shh—These Tiny Hidden Tattoos Will Be Our Little Secret

Katharine McEntee

Thanks to the young Hollywood set, the latest wave of trending tattoos has gone the way of delicate inkings etched into not-so-noticeable places. Take for instance the crescent moon that sits on the right side of Emma Roberts’ rib cage or the hidden tattoo in the fold of Miley Cyrus’s left arm. And since celebrities are exceptionally talented at hiding tattoos—Lea Michele has over 14, only five of which we’ve seen—we thought who better to get some hidden tattoo inspiration from than Hollywood’s most tatted starlets?

Sure, tattoos aren’t for everyone, but these dainty and discreet designs just might sway you. From teeny-tiny finger tattoos to Roman numeral etchings and a few astrological inkings, our favourite celebrity tattoos are thoughtful and inconspicuous, not to mention super cute. Intrigued yet?

For our favourite hidden tattoos in Hollywood, click through the gallery below.

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