Important: Hemp Seeds Are So Good for Us, and We've Been Ignoring Them

Adrianna Barrionuevo

You've heard the buzz surrounding hemp seeds, but perhaps you're not totally sure about cannabis making its way into your diet. We hear you. While botanically related to the cannabis plant synonymous with marijuana, hemp seeds are its THC-free cousin loaded with nutritional (and beauty!) benefits. "Unlike its cousin, no part of the hemp plant has any of the psychotropic properties, but it does share the same healing abilities," says Certified Holistic Nutritionist Elissa Goodman.

Boasting 10 grams of protein per tablespoon, it's easy to see why the crunchy, nutty-tasting seeds are making their way into everything from smoothie bowls to salads. "I think hemp seeds have gained so much popularity because of increasing number of people who have adopted plant-based eating in addition to those looking for vegan sources of protein," says Farah Fahad MS, RD, dietitian. And an impressive dose of protein is only the beginning of the hemp seed's incredible benefits.

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