Question for the Group: Are We on Board With This Dainty New Tattoo Trend?

Lisa Patulny

I like tattoos as much as the next person, but even so, I never thought I'd say this—ear ink is now a thing, and it could be about to replace your earring addiction. If Pinterest is any indication of a trend's popularity (and it usually is), we're in for a massive rethinking when it comes to body art. Why? Because dainty ear designs are currently blowing up on the social site, big time. Yep, apparently the newest way to pretty up your ears is with a tattoo gun, not jewellery. (Although, don't worry, a carefully curated constellation of ear piercings isn't likely to fall out of fashion anytime soon.) Dubbed "helix tattoos" for the spot on the ear they're generally located, the placement of these teensy drawings actually ranges from cartilage to lobe. Designs too are varied. You'll find inspiration for painterly flowers, minimalist lines and even religious symbols. We're on board, but, question for the group—are you?

Click through the gallery below for earspo.

Not convinced? A simple ear cuff (like this one from ASOS, $16) delivers a similar, but less permanent, vibe.

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