10 Healthy Beauty Habits That Will Make You Feel Happier and More Confident

Maya Allen

Even though it’s hard to believe all the time, you have the power to feel like your absolute best self. Sometimes searching for happiness is so hard—we all have those days. Life has proven to be incredibly unpredictable, and we have to just live it. We’re unsure of what’s coming next most of the time, but trusting in the journey is the key. We also have to remember that we have a choice. A choice to feel content and okay with whatever life throws our way. The trick is finding joy in the little things.

Life’s smallest pleasures can have the biggest impact on your day. Over at Byrdie, that means making room for self-care activities. Whether it’s taking our favourite workout class to blow off much-needed steam or indulging in a luxurious nightly skincare routine—it makes us feel good. Feeling good has the power to turn your whole day around. Seriously, though, committing to small acts of kindness for yourself is proven to be life-changing. Searching for some happiness? Keep scrolling for the 10 healthy beauty habits things our editors love doing to feel like the most confident versions of themselves.



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