New Study Shows The Secret To Counteract Overeating

by Lexy Lebsack

Looking for a way to pig out and still stay healthy? We all know that exercise burns fat and calories, but a new study suggests that it also keeps your metabolism and blood sugar in check, even when you’re overeating.

In a study by the University of Bath in England, 26 healthy young men were asked to overeat, increasing their caloric intake by a whopping 50 per cent. (Not unlike holiday feasting!) Half were instructed to run on a treadmill for 45 minutes per day, and the other half didn’t work out. (The active group was also given additional calories matching what they burned running, to ensure they didn’t have an advantage in the study.)

After just one week, tests revealed that the health of the inactive group was far more negatively affected by overindulging, with negative changes to their metabolism and ability to regulate their blood sugar. What does it all mean? It turns out that exercise, even when you’re not burning all of the extra calories you’re eating, can help to stop the negative changes overeating can make on your health. Go ahead and have those Christmas leftovers, but make time for a run, too!

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