Model Hazel Jane on Her $16 Brow Secret and Embracing a New Beauty Standard

Hallie Gould

With the exception of her images, there isn't much information about Hazel Jane online. That's the thing; she lets the photos speak for themselves. Her range is palpable. From commercial beauty shots to editorials in French cafés to shadowy close-ups, she allows whoever may be viewing the pictures to take in the fact she can do it all without having to say the words. When I saw her in person, younger-looking than I expected and graceful in her movements, she was sweet and lithy, like the ingénue in so many of those classic films. But once we got to talking, there was a sparkle behind her eye, a passion and wisdom often left from the character in the movie.

On set, she transformed. Adorned in chunky, silver glitter and dollish pink lips, she had me transfixed. We sat down to discuss her thoughts on beauty—from her favourite products to the way her aesthetic has changed, as well as how modelling has altered the way she interacts with confidence and beauty ideals. Below, find her thoughtful words.

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