11 Time-Saving Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Dacy Knight

Having thick hair might be a thing of beauty dreams, but in reality, possessing an impressive mane with tons of body can end up translating to unruly locks and frizz. Especially come summer time, thick hair has a way of taking on a life of its own. When it's windy outside, the right hairstyle for thick hair can be the trick to taking your tresses from a frizzy mess to an enviable beauty look. So for some much-needed hairstyle inspiration specifically tailored to your hair type, we've turned to our favourite cool girls of Instagram for time-saving hairstyles for thick hair. These beauty lovers know a thing about working their thick locks into statement styles. So whether your thick hair is stick straight, wavy, or tightly curled, there's a cool girl-inspired hairstyle we guarantee you'll want to get on board with. Head below to see how some of our favourite beauty girls style their thick hair.

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