9 Hairstyles With Bangs Inspired by Our Favourite Cool Girls

Dacy Knight

There's a reason why bangs have never gone out of style, surviving every ebb and flow and shift in hairstyle persuasions over the years. They're at once classic and modern, timeless yet inarguably fresh. It's no surprise so many of our favourite cool girls work them, sporting fringes of all styles to top off their fashionable looks and effortless attitudes. So whether you're considering making the chop or have bangs and are just at a loss of what to do with them, look no further for hairstyles with bangs inspired by the coolest of cool girls. From textured choppy fringes paired with effortless waves to chic slick-backed topknots, all the styling inspiration you need for all the compliments is right this way.

Head below to check out nine hairstyles with bangs, brought to you by our favourite cool girls.

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