This Hack Is a Game Changer for Thin-Haired Girls

Lindsey Metrus

Having thin hair is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it doesn’t naturally deliver the thickness and volume we hope for, and on the other, when we do try to boost it up with products, it ends up looking dirty from all the buildup. Since simply growing more hair follicles isn’t an option, what’s a thin-haired girl to do? Enter hair crimpers. You read that right—the trusty tool you probably used as a teen is a genius hack for “faking” hair volume, sans mousse.

The trick is to use a small one-inch crimper to “tease” the roots. First, section off your hair so that the crown is clipped forward and the rest of the hair is left unclipped. Then, go in with the crimper and crimp small sections right at the scalp. Once you’re done, unclip the front section, part hair as you normally would, and give your roots a little tousle. You’ll notice that your hair has instantly gained noticeable volume, since the crimp creates a root-boosting kink. One thing to remember, however, is not to crimp any visible areas, since the crimped parts are only meant to lift from underneath. 

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