Hair Nostalgia with Jaime King

by Lexy Lebsack

We’ve loved Jaime King since she was James King, a model strutting the runways for Chanel and Dior in the ‘90s. For years she had long hair—unable to change her locks because of contracts—so after she transitioned into acting, King let loose. Years later she’s still experimenting, even at home. Tracey Cunningham might mix her colour, but her husband paints it in their bathroom! King meticulously plans her red carpet beauty looks weeks in advance, using editorials for reference, and has pioneered her fair share of trends. The last time we sat down with the Hart of Dixie star it was to talk about her elaborate beauty routine, but this time she walked us through each of her most noteworthy hairstyles, explained why she loves a Vidal Sassoon bob, and why she rarely wears her hair up.

King also mentioned the one style she’s still dying to try. “I’ve always wanted a pixie cut! Chris McMillan was cutting my hair once and we decided on a pixie,” she says with a laugh. “We called my agent to run it by her and she just said, ‘F**k off,’ and hung up the phone.” There’s always a chance Lemon Breeland will get a pixie in season four and make King’s fantasy a reality, but until then, we’ll be pretty satisfied with King’s red carpet risks.

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