Get Ready: These Are the Spring Hair Colours Every It Girl Will Be Wearing

Hallie Gould

While changing your hair colour for every season may seem daunting (especially for those who, like me, can't ever seem to stray too far from the colour they were born with), it's not as tough as you think. And certainly not as time-consuming. See, there are ways to switch it up without doing all that much of anything. Think glosses, subtle highlights, and, yes, keeping it exactly the same.

Below, celebrity colourist Matt Rez, Byrdie's go-to guru for all things hair colour, describes the biggest colour trends for the coming season—and tricks on how to flawlessly transition without doing anything too drastic. "With spring quickly approaching, warmer tones and deeper hues will be making their way back, Rez notes. "Making these changes can be scary for those of you that stick to one look. But this is where the non-permanent bases and glosses come in. Changing up your gloss to a warmer version of your current look is a fun way to subtly change your hair without committing to a permanent colour.

However, for those of you out there looking to commit to a big change, Rez's "mid-light" is a flawless tool to do just that. Rez uses this technique to create the most natural, blended look when doing a bold transformation. It connects the deepest lowlight to the brightest highlight, using a transition colour between the two. Keep scrolling for your new hair colour ideas for spring.

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