8 Things Your Hair Colourist Wishes You'd Stop Doing

Amanda Montell


I have broken probably every hair colour rule in the book: dyeing it too often, dyeing it from a box, dyeing it shades that didn’t flatter me whatsoever. Luckily, over the years, I’ve had a few great colourists usher me into the world of gorgeous, professional colour. I can tell you firsthand that listening to the experts makes all the difference.

We all want the secrets to Pinterest-worthy hair colour, but we don’t all have a roster of Hollywood hair colourists at our disposal. So I solicited the advice of five greats: Joico celebrity colourist Denis de Souza, Ramirez Tran colourist Matt Rez, colourist to the stars Lauren E. Hack, and NYC colour extraordinaires Anthony Palermo and Ryan Pearl.

These top colourists broke down the eight biggest reasons your colour might not be top-level, which you can read below.

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