11 Low-Maintenance Hair Colour Ideas That Look Better Grown Out

Katharine McEntee

With root touch-ups every six weeks and an occasional brightening treatment, colouring your hair requires a lot of upkeep, not to mention quite a bit of cash. And since we don’t always have the resources to keep up with our colour as often as we’d like, we searched the web far and wide for some low-maintenance hair colour ideas that look even better grown out. Because let’s face it—we could all use a little more time and money, right?

Thanks to hair colouring techniques like balayage and babylights, the new wave of hair colour trends look all the better after a month or two of wear. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at Jennifer Lawrence’s grown-out babylights or Chrissy Teigen’s ombré hair. So what are you waiting for? Cancel your next touch-up and rock one of these root-baring hairstyles instead. For celebrity hair colour ideas that look good with a little bit of a grow out, click through the gallery below.

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