Hailey Baldwin's New Hair Colour Is Perfect for Low-Maintenance Blondes

Victoria Hoff


Whoever invented the adage that "blondes have more fun" obviously never had to sit through root touch-up appointments every four to six weeks (and that's not even to mention the initial, foil-packed lightening experience). But does the heavy maintenance involved with going blond have to be an inevitability?

Not quite, at least according to Cutler stylist Ryan Pearl. After touching up It girl Hailey Baldwin's colour this week, Pearl demonstrated a way to extend the life of blonde hair with fewer follow-up appointments required. (For now, nixing touch-ups altogether remains the stuff of fantasy—unless genetics have blessed you with naturally flaxen hair, that is.)

The secret is something called soft roots: a slightly hairline to begin with, so the colour already has a somewhat lived-in look. "The root softens the line of demarcation for the hair's natural regrowth," he tells Glamour. "It's just a blended look rather than a solid line grown out." Meanwhile, he brightened the ends of Baldwin's hair to emphasise the naturally sun-kissed look. 

To get the look yourself, simply ask your stylist for smoky or sandy-brown roots that blend into your natural colour. (And kindly inform them that it will be a little while longer than usual until you pay them a visit again.)

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