Street Beauty: How Cool Girls Do Their Hair and Makeup for a Workout

Amanda Montell

In Los Angeles, the gym is not simply a venue for exercise: It's a place to see and be seen. Though the stereotypes of our fair city—with its dreams of fame, hot yoga instructors, and the perfect green juice—are often the butt of many national jokes, they are a real part of the culture here, too. So it helps to take it all with a sense of humour.

Going full-glam to the gym is a famed part of L.A.'s image-focused reputation, particularly in Byrdie's hometown of West Hollywood. After all, WeHo is the mecca for aspiring stars, and according to them, one's big break could come any time, anywhere—even at the gym. When opportunity comes knocking, you don't want to be the girl without her brows on, right?

Of course, one's image of the average L.A. gym-goer might not line up with reality. So to find out how L.A. girls really do their hair and makeup for the gym, we grabbed a photographer and posted up outside two of the city's most popular fitness scenes: Equinox on Sunset Boulevard and Cycle House on Melrose. There, we encountered actresses on their way from the treadmill to auditions and models rushing from photo shoots to spin class (plus an unexpected corporate type or two), and we interrogated them about their gym beauty routines.

Curious to see how real L.A. girls do their hair and makeup for the gym? Just keep scrolling.

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