7 Ways to Live Your Life Like Gwyneth Paltrow

Victoria Hoff

Getty/Jason Merritt

Our high priestess of all things wellness is 44 years young, and frankly, we’ve never been more beguiled by her wealth of delightfully alternative beauty secrets. Exhibit A: One of Paltrow’s hallmark accomplishments of 2016 is her Goop skincare range with Juice Beauty, which boasts formulas that are literally natural enough to eat.

But of course, she’s given us so much more than just edible moisturiser. We’ve detoxed like Gwyneth, battled hangovers like Gwyneth, and voluntarily put bee venom on our face like Gwyneth. If we’re constantly guinea-pigging ourselves per her advice, it’s probably because we could all stand to expand our beauty and wellness horizons. (And since she’s a huge proponent of all things natural, what do we have to lose?)

So we thought it only appropriate to count down some of our very favourite Paltrow-approved tips of all time. From her debloating secret to the post-drinking tip you need to try on Sunday morning, find them all below.

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