Guilt-Free Summer Treats You Can Eat in Your Bikini

Lisa Patulny

Every summer I face the same internal struggle—look my very best in a bikini, or eat all of the Bubble O’ Bills. I know loads of people who struggle in winter when the call of cheesy pasta and rich food is just too much, but January is peak diet fail time for me. I should be concentrating on eating clean, but the swelteringly hot weather means all I can think about is where my next ice-block is coming from. (Also, gelato at the beach = summer dreams.)

Unfortunately, tucking into every sugar bomb in sight probably won’t do me—or you—any favours when it comes to feeling confident on the sand. Especially since sugar is enemy number one when it comes to bloating. (Click here for more foods to avoid for a flatter stomach.)

Happily, if you’re willing to do a little snack prep, there are tonnes of healthy snack options out there. We’ve curated 5 healthy sweet treat recipes that contain ingredients that banish bloating like bananas, so you’ll look even better after indulging. Plus, they’re easy to prepare ahead of time so you’ll always have a snack ready for your next bikini outing.

Keep scrolling for 5 guilt-free summer treats you can eat in your bikini.


What are your favourite bikini-friendly treats? Share them with us in the comments below.

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