Adulting: A Guide From a Beauty Editor Who Just Got Her Life Together

Hallie Gould


Learning to get your life together is difficult, no? When you're young, the world makes excuses for your behaviour, citing your age as the reason for every careless lark or mistake. Then one day you're of a certain age and you're supposed to have figured it all out. I can confidently say that I still have yet to figure everything out, but in the New Year, I'm working on it. 

Below, I've detailed a list of the biggest changes I've made (and/or are making) in my life that make me feel like more of a grown-up. Some are very small and others are a taller order. Either way, I feel better already and you can too. Keep reading for the best ways to adult in 2017. 

What are your resolutions for the New Year? Let us know in the comments below (and check out five easy ones that won't set you up to fail). 

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