The Drugstore Hack That Grooms Your Brows and Saves You a Ton of Money

Hallie Gould

Paley Fairman

I've gone on and on about my brows for what seems like an eternity. But, I'll never tire from learning new and interesting hacks to cut minutes from my grooming routine. Usually, I brush them out with a spoolie brush and fill them in (carefully, precisely) with a pencil to get that wispy, natural thing going on. If I have the time, I'll even go in with a slightly lighter shade to add some definition. Finally, I finish it all off with clear brow gel and pat myself on the back for all my hard (but well worth it) work.

While I have no qualms about spending precious morning minutes on my eyebrows, I'm always looking for an easier (and less expensive) way. Enter: a bar of soap. Yes, you read that correctly.

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