6 Things Women With Grey Hair in Their 20s Know to Be True

Lisa Patulny

Going grey is a different experience for everyone. Like taxes, it's inevitable—but where some women can make it to forty without a single white hair, others go full on silver fox in their twenties. Premature greying is linked to genetics, so there are really only two options: embrace it or don't. Either way, there are common experiences (and frustrations) shared by all affected. Grey hair can grow in with a different texture than the rest of your hair, making it difficult to style. It can also be hard to hide but just as tricky to enhance—essentially, it's the ultimate pain in the proverbial. Whether you've got one or two snow white strands or a significant percentage of grey hair, keep scrolling for six things women in their 20s with grey hair know to be true.


Do you have prematurely grey hair? What are your tips and tricks for dealing with it? Sound off below.


Opening image: Imaxtree

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