It's Official: Green Tea Is Basically a Miracle Health Beverage

Kaitlyn McLintock


Green tea, just like other superfoods (or should we say super-beverages?) has quietly existed for centuries. And kale is another example—it's been on this great green earth for a while now. How about quinoa? Well, they're not kidding when they call it an ancient grain. The same goes for açai berries, cacao, and more. It's just recently—we're speaking relatively here—that the wellness world has caught on to their scientific health benefits.

But let's get back to green tea, specifically. We're deeming it a "super-beverage" for a reason. Various studies and experts say it benefits the body in myriad ways—whether that's protecting our organs, keeping sickness at bay, or slowing the ageing process, to name a few. Keep scrolling to see all 10 of the ways that green tea can benefit the body, according to three different nutrition and medical experts.

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